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written by Edward Zobel
This item is a tutorial on the fundamentals of waves.  Topics include wave properties and phenomena, types of waves, wave interference, and more.  The section on interference includes simple animations of constructive and destructive interference, which can be played in slow motion to allow users to visualize the phenomena before attempting more difficult wave simulations.

Please note that this resource requires Java, or VRML Plugin, or Flash.
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Oscillations & Waves
- General
- Wave Motion
= Interference and Diffraction
= Longitudinal Pulses and Waves
= Standing Waves
= Transfer of Energy in Waves
= Transverse Pulses and Waves
- High School
- Middle School
- Informal Education
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Interactive Simulation
= Model
= Tutorial
- Audio/Visual
= Movie/Animation
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© 2006 Edward A. Zobel
Huygens' Principle, collection, constructive interference, destructive interference, simulation, wave addition, wave interference, waves
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Zona Land: Waves:

Is Part Of Zona Land

This is a link to the full collection of Zona Land  tutorials for high school physics and mathematics.

relation by Caroline Hall
Contains Zona Land: Wave Adder

This interactive simulation allows users to input amplitude, frequency, and phase shift of two waves, then push the "Add" button to see a model of the wave sum.

relation by Caroline Hall

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