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written by Kyle Forinash and Wolfgang Christian
This ComPADRE ebook consists of 33 interactive simulations which require the reader to click buttons, move sliders, etc. in order to answer questions about the behavior of waves and sound in particular. There are also dozens of links to YouTube videos and other online resources that pertain to the topics being covered as well as suggestions for laboratory exercises and sound clips for understanding the fascinating subject of sound and music. The goal was to create an engaging text that integrates the strengths of printed, static textbooks and the interactive dynamics possible with simulations to engage the student in actively learning the physics of sound.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
Oscillations & Waves
- Acoustics
= Intensity and Attenuation
= Pitch
= The Ear
= Wave Analysis and Synthesis
- General
- Instruments
= Air Column Instruments
= Percussion Instruments
= Resonance Cavities
= Resonance in Plates, Bars, Solids
= Resonance in Strings
= Stringed Instruments
= Tuning Forks
- Oscillations
= Driven Mechanical Resonance
= Normal Modes
= Simple Harmonic Motion
- Resonance
- Sound Reproduction
= Amplifiers
= Loudspeakers
= Microphones
= Recorders
- Wave Motion
= Beats
= Compound Waves
= Coupled Resonators
= Doppler Effect
= Impedance and Dispersion
= Interference and Diffraction
= Interference and Diffraction of Sound
= Longitudinal Pulses and Waves
= Phase and Group Velocity
= Reflection and Refraction (Sound)
= Reflection, Refraction, Transmission
= Shock Waves
= Standing Waves
= Transfer of Energy in Waves
= Transverse Pulses and Waves
= Wave Packets
= Wave Properties of Sound
- Lower Undergraduate
- High School
- Informal Education
- Instructional Material
= Interactive Simulation
= Textbook
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- Learners
- Educators
- General Publics
- text/html
- application/javascript
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Kyle Forinash
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