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published by the Public Broadcasting Service
technical implementer: the Show of Force Productions
This video-based resource provides a highly visual way to introduce basic physics concepts to high school students. Eight videos feature footage from the PBS series Circus to illustrate the laws of physics at work. Learn about projectile motion by watching jugglers; view trapeze artists to explore pendulum motion and linear momentum; watch as trick riders use centripetal acceleration to run their horses in circles without tiring them; investigate how acrobats use conservation of angular momentum to flip and twist. For deeper exploration, each video has a corresponding activity guide for teachers.

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Subjects Levels Resource Types
Classical Mechanics
- Linear Momentum
= Conservation of Linear Momentum
- Motion in Two Dimensions
= 2D Acceleration
= Center of Mass
= Projectile Motion
- Newton's Second Law
= Interacting Objects
- Rotational Dynamics
= Conservation of Angular Momentum
- Work and Energy
= Conservation of Energy
Education Practices
- Technology
= Multimedia
- High School
- Lower Undergraduate
- Collection
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Problem/Problem Set
= Student Guide
- Assessment Material
= Test
- Audio/Visual
= Movie/Animation
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- Learners
- Educators
- text/html
- video/quicktime
- video/shockwave
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classical mechanics videos, motion videos, physics videos, video analysis, video-based learning
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Circus Physics:

Is Supplemented By Tracker Video Analysis

Free video analysis tool features object tracking with position, velocity and acceleration overlays and graphs, special effect filters, multiple reference frames.

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