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Student Descriptions of Refraction and Optical Fibers 

written by Frances Mateycik, Doris J. Wagner, Janet J. Rivera, and Sybillyn Jennings

This paper reports our research into how students describe and think about optical fibers and the physical phenomena of refraction and total internal reflection (TIR) basic to their operation. The study was conducted as part of the improvement and expansion of web-based materials for an innovative Rensselaer introductory physics course that examines the physics underlying information technology. As we developed the prototype module, we examined students' understanding of the phenomena of refraction, TIR, and optical fibers through the use of clinical interviews. As students discussed refraction and tried to explain how optical fibers work, several patterns emerged. Our analysis of these patterns drives our assessment of the effectiveness of the revised materials in facilitating students' transfer of learning, as well as the development of a multiple-choice diagnostic tool.

Published September 1, 2005
Last Modified July 8, 2013

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