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Transfer Between Paired Problems In An Interview 

written by Kara E. Gray and N. Sanjay Rebello

This paper will cover a small portion of a larger study designed to address the issue of stability of knowledge in an interview and how it is influenced by transfer of learning. An interview over basic mechanics questions will be used to show how one question can influence a student's answer to another question. Based on this transcript and other data collected during the study, students' ideas appear to be influenced not only by their experiences and the context presented in the question, but also by the context of the question. This analysis was done based on a new model of transfer called the actor-oriented transfer model developed by Lobato that is based on the "personal construction of similarities" by the student between the learning and transfer contexts. This new model will also be discussed in further detail in the paper.

Published September 1, 2005
Last Modified July 8, 2013

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