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Main Document

Closed-loop tuning methods 

written by Nicolas Magdelaine

The Closed-loop tuning methods zip file contains 3 ready to run Java programs (jar file) and pdf documentation.

Those simulations allow to practice the closed-loop tuning methods:
•  Ziegler-Nichols closed-loop tuning (ultimate gain)
•  Trial-Error method (the tuner)

The control law is:
•  Proportional (BF_kp.jar)
•  Serial PI       (BF_kpki.jar)
•  Parallel PI    (BF_kpTi.jar)  

More simulations on

Last Modified February 19, 2020

Supplemental Documents

Closed-Loop Tuning Documentation 

Instructions for how to run the Closed-Loop Tuning simulation.

Last Modified February 20, 2020

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Source Code Documents (3)

BF_kp Source Code 

The EJS xml source  code file.

Last Modified March 6, 2020

BF_kpki Source Code 

The EJS BF_kpi xml source code file.

Last Modified March 6, 2020

BF_kpiTi Source Code 

The EJS BF_kpiTi xml source code file.

Last Modified March 6, 2020