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Adapting Weizmann Institute Material for Use in the United States 

written by Wolfgang Christian

Science is a universal activity and interdisciplinary and international collaborations are common in traditional research but less so in education because teaching material is written in the local language and curricular requirements vary from country to country.  This paper describes work done in conjunction with the Weizmann Institute and the Davidson Institute of Science Education in Rehovot, Israel, to study the practicality of sharing material between the AAPT-ComPADRE digital library and the Weizmann Institute.  We demonstrate how a collaboration could proceed by adapting a module from a 10th grade "Interdisciplinary Computational Science (ICS): Chemical and Biological Physics" course.   This ICS module uses hard-disk molecular dynamics to construct a fundamental molecular framework to a variety of natural phenomena.  The module starts with a pre-test to assess prior computational and physics knowledge, is followed by student programming projects, and concludes with an assessment of both computational ability in physics concepts.

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