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SEI: Junior E&M Course Materials - Tutorials 

written by Steven J. Pollock, Stephanie Viola Chasteen, Edward Kinney, and Michael Dubson
supported by the National Science Foundation
published by the Science Education Initiative

This collection of tutorials and tutorial pre-tests was constructed for a transformed junior-level Electricity and Magnetism course. These tutorials are weekly student sessions, modeled after research-validated curricula developed at the University of Washington. Using these materials in study/recitation sections, students work in small groups with the instructor as a learning coach.  The materials are designed to target known student difficulties, to elicit and develop conceptual understanding and math/physics connections. They also help faculty listen to student reasoning, get a clearer sense of student ideas, and determine where they are struggling.

This material was developed as part of a education research-based course transformation for junior level E&M. All of the resources developed for this course are available, sorted by individual topic and type, at

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Supplemental Documents

E&M Tutorials Archive 

This zip archive contains the student tutorials developed for junior level E&M in both Word and PDF format.

Published June 6, 2010
Last Modified March 2, 2016

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