History of the ComPADRE Digital Library

ComPADRE began as a project to update and expand the Physical Sciences Resource Center, a web site developed and managed by Warren Hein, former Associate Executive Officer and Executive Officer of the AAPT. Some of the goals of this effort were to connect and collaborate with standards-based digital library projects then being developed, particularly the National Science Digital Library, and to build a dynamic, database-driven infrastructure for the PSRC resource collection.

The Physics Digital Library has been supported by the National Science Foundation under grants DUE-0026129, DUE-0532798, and DUE-0937836. The library was funded first as a resource collection in the NSDL and then as the Physics and Astronomy Pathway project, one of 13 central projects in the multi-disciplinary central library. ComPADRE was also supported by grant funding with partner projects through both the NSDL and other education programs. The library was also supported by a generous donation from the Physics Academic Software Publishing Organization.

ComPADRE Historical Partners and Sponsors

ComPADRE People

Principal Investigator
Bruce Mason - AAPT
Co-Principal Investigators
Susana Deustua - AAS
Jack Hehn - AIP/SPS
Beth Cunningham - AAPT
Warren Hein - AAPT
Ted Hodapp - APS
Fred Stein - APS
Gary White - SPS Director
ComPADRE Staff
Lyle Barbato - Technical Lead - University of Oklahoma
Caroline Hall - Contributing Editor - University AAPT
Matt Riggsbee - Web Designer - AAPT
Cecelia Brown - Evaluator - University of Oklahoma
Flora McMartin - External Evaluator - Broad-based Knowledge
Collection Editors
Advanced Labs - Ramon Torres-Isea, The University of Michigan
Astronomy Center – Marc Gagne, West Chester University
Nucleus - David Donnely, SW Texas State
Open Source Physics - Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College
PER-Central - H. Vince Kuo, Colorado School of Mines, Robert Beichner, North Caroline State University
Physics Classroom - Tom Henderson, Glenbrook South High School
Physics Front - Cathy Ezrailson, University of South Dakota
Physics Source - Taha Mzoughi, Kennesaw State University
Physics TA Library - Lyle Barbato, University of Oklahoma
Physics to Go - Ed Lee, American Physical Society
PSRC - Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma
PhysTEC - John Stewart, University of Arkansas
Quantum Exchange - Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma
Statistical and Thermal Physics - Anne Cox, Eckerd College
Adopt-a-Physicist - Kendra Rand, AIP/SPS
uCOMP - David Winch, Emeritus, Kalamazoo College