Computational Physics for Absolute Beginners

Faculty Commons material developed by W. Brian Lane - Published July 21, 2022

This set of 6 tutorials orients students to essential programming tasks in Python or Matlab. Each tutorial will take students 30-60 minutes to complete, includes common mathematical and physics applications (series calculation of e and calculation of gravitational potential energy), and can be dropped into any computationally integrated course as needed (throughout the semester or concentrated in the first 1-2 weeks). The tutorials are designed to require minimal prerequisites and can be completed in a variety of sequences. Tutorial 1 = Computations and Variables; Prerequisites: None. Tutorial 2 = Arrays; Prerequisites: Tutorial 1 Tutorial 3 = Graphing; Prerequisites: Tutorials 1 & 2 Tutorial 4 = Loops; Prerequisites: Tutorial 1 Tutorial 5 = Control Statements (if-then-else); Prerequisites: Tutorial 1 Tutorial 6 = Defining your own Functions; Prerequisites: Tutorial 1 The development of these tutorials is financially supported by PICUP.

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