Collection of Freshman Physics Labs

Faculty Commons material developed by Sarah Phan-Budd - Published December 3, 2018

These are a series of python lab worksheets I wrote for my freshman lab students (either calculus or non-calculus based courses would be fine). There are five labs in total, and each is designed to complement a standard two hour lab period. I did not include the actual labs, but we run pretty standard labs with pretty standard Vernier lab equipment. I used modified the curve fitting algorithms from: Title: Curve Fitting (PICUP Code Library) Author: Eric Ayars Date: 2016 Code version: Published in the PICUP Collection, August 2016. Availiblity: https://www.compadre.org/PICUP/exercises/exercise.cfm?I=127&A=curvefit. I also modified the code from: Title: Projectile Motion: Experiment and Computational Model(PICUP Code Library). Author: Todd Zimmerman Date: 2017 Code version: Published in the PICUP Collection, July 2016 Availiblity:https://www.compadre.org/PICUP/exercises/Exercise.cfm?A=proj_mot&S=3. Finally, I'd like to thank my colleague Carl Ferkinhoff at Winona State University, for the template to make pretty Jupyter worksheets with a nice table of contents.

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