1D Elastic Momentum Coding Activity

Faculty Commons material developed by Daniel Weller - Published May 7, 2019

In this activity, students are provided with a fully working code which they modify in several ways to learn physics. First, students analyze the code and describe in their own words what different variables mean in the code. Then, students are tasked with rewriting some lines of code in the form of a physics equation (by hand). Subsequently, students will play around with the code to see what happens when they change the values of different variables in the code. After this, students are provided with three situations to describe given a set of initial parameters/conditions. Students are asked to draw the different situations and then predict the values of different variables in the situations. Next, students modify the code to add a "print" command, and then they test their predictions for the three situations listed previously. The Glowscript code is included on the final page of the assignment (Microsoft Word document).

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