Become a Reviewer for the PICUP Collection

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer for the PICUP Collection? The peer-review process is necessary for ensuring that high-quality educational materials are published in the PICUP Exercise Sets. Conscientious reviewers also contribute to the provision of faculty rewards in the form of a novel repository of published educational materials that have been through the peer-review process.  PICUP reviewers, thus, play a crucial and important role in maintaining and growing the PICUP Collection.

When an Exercise Set is submitted for publication in the PICUP Collection, a PICUP editor will solicit reviews from the pool of PICUP reviewers. Information is provided here about the Review Process and Review Criteria. As a PICUP reviewer, you would be expected to carefully read and inspect all components of the Exercise Set submission, and then submit your review using an online form that consists of these questions, providing constructive suggestions for improvement as you deem necessary.

In order to submit a request to become a PICUP reviewer, you will first need to login.

To become a reviewer for the PICUP Collection: