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Presentation Title: The Not-So-Simple Pendulum: Theory, Experiment, and Computation in a DIY Remote Lab
Abstract: Introductory mechanics has long been a prototypical example of how physics requires both experimental and theoretical work. In this talk I will present the adaptive process whereby I took my "Not-So-Simple Pendulum" lab from an in-lab to remote format. In this lab students are tasked with proving that a damped pendulum is not a damped harmonic oscillator. In its remote version, which students can do from home with a smartphone, Google sheets, and common household materials, I present a path towards a lab that integrates computation, experiment, and theory and can be done in a synchronous remote class session. Finally, I will explore some of the trade offs between the remote and in-lab versions of the "Not-So-Simple Pendulum" lab.
Submission Category: Introductory physics
Presentation: Download the Presentation
Abstract DOI: 10.1119/PICUP.Abstract.VCS2020.8110

Primary Author Information

First name: Nicholas
Last name: Nelson
Institution: California State University, Chico
Zip Code: 95929