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Presentation Title: Simple numerical techniques for quantum scattering
Abstract: Scattering is a common in nature, giving rise to such  phenomena as blue skies or rainbows. Much of what we know about the fundamental forces comes from particle scattering studies, e.g., the exciting discovery of Higgs boson in proton-proton scattering. However, it is uncommon to find scattering covered in undergraduate quantum mechanics courses in a meaningful manner. Part of the reason is that significant barrier needed in math physics stands in the way. Here we will discuss computational treatment of scattering where only knowledge of numerical integration of ODEs is required. We present examples that can be related to hard-sphere scattering for which analytic properties are available (see also
Submission Category: Upper-level
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Abstract DOI: 10.1119/PICUP.Abstract.VCS2020.8108

Primary Author Information

First name: Jay
Last name: Wang
Institution: UMass Dartmouth
Zip Code: 02747

Co-Author Information

Additional Co-authors or Co-presenters: Owen Tower