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Presentation Title: New tools in our digital signal and image processing classroom
Abstract: In the signal and image processing class, we explored the benefits of the new Matlab online and Matlab Drive tools, which require no software installation. For this cooperative learning approach, all participants need a current license. The instructor creates individual folders and shares with the respective student. During the lab session and the exams, the instructor has access to all codes generated and monitor students' progress. Because each student must log in with his/her College account to MathWorks, it deters most from sharing their credentials to gain illicit help. Because Matlab online integrates with the computer's webcam, the instructor can see who is in front of the screen while the code is designed.
Submission Category: Upper-level
Presentation: Download the Presentation
Abstract DOI: 10.1119/PICUP.Abstract.VCS2020.8107

Primary Author Information

First name: Sorinel
Last name: Oprisan
Institution: College of Charleston
Zip Code: 29455

Co-Author Information

Additional Co-authors or Co-presenters: Ana Oprisan, College of Charleston