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Presentation Title: Remote labs: making real measurements at home!
Abstract: Siena College has been in the process of moving away from "cookbook" labs and toward labs that allow for more student agency...and frustration! We didn't want to drop this approach during emergency remote teaching so we quickly developed two labs that students could opt into. We put together packets of materials that were mailed to students' homes, though some students used equipment they already had. Eleven (out of about 50) opted in. They kept an online logbook, complete with photos of their experimental setup and uploaded their analysis and write-up using Google's cloud-based python environment, Colab. Though there were bumps along the way, the response was very positive from the students. A summary of this experience will be presented.
Submission Category: Introductory physics
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Primary Author Information

First name: Matthew
Last name: Bellis
Institution: Siena College
Zip Code: 12211

Co-Author Information

Additional Co-authors or Co-presenters: Matthew Bellis