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Presentation Title: Keep it simple, keep it fun: Interactivity is key for coding in introductory physics
Abstract: For students with little to no prior coding experience, and who have little prior experience in a physics class, doing both coding and physics in an introductory physics can be a steep learning curve. Something that can help is using coding activities that produce simple 2D interactive games like Asteroids, Angry Birds and Pong – all of which are games with excellent physics. I show some specific examples of PICUP activities that I have authored with this goal. Many of these activities were developed for the STEMcoding project which is an effort to integrate coding into high school physics and physical science courses. The STEMcoding project also has a nice youtube channel with coding tutorials featuring women and underrepresented groups.
Submission Category: Introductory physics
Acknowledgement of funding: The STEMcoding Project received funding from the 2017 AIP Meggers Award
Presentation: Download the Presentation
Abstract DOI: 10.1119/PICUP.Abstract.VCS2020.8091

Primary Author Information

First name: Chris
Last name: Orban
Institution: Ohio State University