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Presentation Title: Capture, Code, Compare: Integrating computational modeling with video analysis
Abstract: It's clear that computational modeling has benefited physics education. However, there remains a gap in student sensemaking between the results they see in a computational model and their observation of the physical world. To help students see that their computer models actually describe reality and learn how to quantitatively discuss how well model and reality match, I've developed the Capture, Code, Compare (CCC) activity structure. In CCC, students capture the motion of a physical system and study that motion through video analysis, develop a code that reproduces the motion in a computer animation, and compare the results of the video analysis and animation. I'll present sample CCC activities and discuss possible means of assessment.
Submission Category: Introductory physics

Primary Author Information

First name: W. Brian
Last name: Lane
Institution: Jacksonville University
Zip Code: 32225