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  Name Primary Contact Category
  Blending Computational Exercises into a One-Semester Quantum Mechanics Course Olson, Michael Upper-level
  Capture, Code, Compare: Integrating computational modeling with video analysis Lane, W. Brian Introductory physics
  Distance-Learning Labs Jensen, Erik Laboratory
  Engaging astronomy students online with scientific reasoning about real data Hyde, Jeffrey Introductory physics
  Formation of an online Community of Practice and its Application Modir, Bahar Upper-level
  Hitting the ground running: How should computation in the curriculum prepare students for computational physics research? Graves, Amy Any setting
  Keep it simple, keep it fun: Interactivity is key for coding in introductory physics Orban, Chris Introductory physics
  Moving Online: Computational Modeling and Lab Activities in Introductory Electricity and Magnetism Zimmerman, Todd Introductory physics
  Multi-View Zoom for Physics Laboratory Experience from a Distance Weinberg, Wolfram Laboratory
  New tools in our digital signal and image processing classroom Oprisan, Sorinel Upper-level
  Online Labs: Using Videos, Spreadsheets, and Online Quizzes, Oh My! Birriel, Jennifer Introductory physics
  Project-based learning for Honors College students Oprisan, Ana Introductory physics
  Remote labs: making real measurements at home! Bellis, Matthew Introductory physics
  Replacing a Written Final with a Technical Conversation: Lessons Learned Bryant, Peter Any setting
  Simple numerical techniques for quantum scattering Wang, Jay Upper-level
  The Laboratory Dilemma in Online Physics: A Solution that is a Durable Lesson Connors, Martin Laboratory
  The Not-So-Simple Pendulum: Theory, Experiment, and Computation in a DIY Remote Lab Nelson, Nicholas Introductory physics
  The light curve of a variable star: an example upper-division coding project accessible to students with no prior programming experience Cederbloom, Steve Upper-level