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December 2018 PICUP Holiday Meeting

We met and discussed the semester.

Early December PICUP Community Meeting (online via zoom.us)

In this meeting, Larry Engelhardt and Kelly Roos will discuss the editorial and review process for materials submitted to the PICUP collection. Join the Strutting Rooster and Lawrence of Florence for what should be a fun and educational meeting.

Unique and Interesting Undergraduate-accessible Computational Problems

One advantage of using computational/numerical methods is that problems that would otherwise be too difficult to solve (analytically) are now within reach for undergraduate students.  Given this broader array of problems that can potentially be solved -- what are some of the EXCITING problems that students would actually find INTERESTING to solve...without being too difficult for undergraduate students?

February 2018 Virtual Meeting

Todd Zimmerman will share some of his work to integrate computation in advanced lab and lead a discussion around using computation in labs.

January 2018 Virtual Meeting

Michelle Kuchera presented on pair programming.

November 2017 Virtual Meeting

We discussed end of course issues and future plans.

PICUP December 2016 Virtual Meeting

December 2016 Meeting

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