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  • K-State PICUP Workshop

    Workshop on Integrating Computational Activities into Physics Courses (with mostly Python flavoring)
    Date: April 27, 2019
    Location: Cardwell Hall (Department of Physics) on the campus of Kansas State University

    The emphasis of the workshop will be on integrating computational activities into physics courses beyond the introductory level using python-based programming environments; however, physics educators who predominantly teach introductory high school and college courses will also benefit by participating.
  • 2019 PICUP Summer Faculty Development Workshop at UW River Falls

    Energize Undergraduate Physics Courses with Computation!
    Dates: July 8-14, 2019
    Location: UW River Falls

    Don't miss the annual week-long PICUP workshop on integrating computation into undergraduate courses!

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PICUP Member Spotlight

Deva O'Neil
I teach computation to share my joy of solving physics problems with computers. PICUP has allowed me to integrate with and learn from a community of physics teachers who share my teaching goals and… more>

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