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  • PICUP Spring Webinar Series: The Future of Remote Learning in Physics

    When: Tuesday, May 18 at 5:30PDT | 6:30MDT | 7:30CDT | 8:30EDT
    Guest Presenters: KC Walsh, Oregon State University and Walter Freeman, Syracuse University

    After more than a year of being compelled to engage in remote instruction, a return to a conventional, in-person educational experience is overwhelmingly desired; yet, it is also becoming clear that certain aspects of remote learning will (and probably should) continue even when the pandemic has passed. There will be short presentations followed by time for discussion.

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    Meeting ID: 826 6493 8486
    Passcode: PICUP

  • 2021 Virtual Capstone Conference

    PICUP Conference
    Dates: August 11-13, 2021
    Location: online

    If you have attended a half-day, full-day, or week-long PICUP workshop, please join us! In this conference, PICUPers will share what we have accomplished, and we will discuss how to move forward into the future.
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Michele Montgomery
How/what inspired you to get into teaching computation?

I don't teach computation as a course. However, I do include some computation assignments in general education courses like Astronomy to… more>
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