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  • PICUP Back-to-School Webinar: Tools of the Trade

    Wednesday, August 12th at 7 PM EDT / 6 PM CDT / 5 PM MDT / 4 PM PDT

    Join us for a special back-to-school PICUP webinar where we'll briefly explore a number of free tools that are available to help you deliver computational activities in your physics courses:  Jupyter Notebooks (local and in the cloud), Spyder, Octave/Matlab, GlowScript/VPython, p5.js, and Excel/Google spreadsheets. After being introduced to these platforms, you'll be able to ask questions and schedule follow-up learning opportunities based on the platform(s) that interests you most.

    NOTE: The webinar will be recorded and posted on the PICUP site for viewing for those who are unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday, August 12.

    Link to join the Zoom meeting:

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Michele Montgomery
How/what inspired you to get into teaching computation?

I don't teach computation as a course. However, I do include some computation assignments in general education courses like Astronomy to… more>

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