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Problem 7.11: Collision between a mass and a mass connected to a spring

Please wait for the animation to completely load.

A 1.0-kg projectile bounces off of an object (m = 1 kg) attached to a massless spring as shown (position is given in meters and time is given in seconds). The table entries, v1 and v2, show the velocities of the projectile and the target, respectively. Assume that the collision is elastic. Restart.

  1. There are five important time intervals during the animation. What are they? Briefly describe what is happening during these intervals.
  2. Draw a graph of energy vs. time for the kinetic energy of the projectile, the kinetic energy of the target, and the potential energy of the spring.

When you get a good-looking graph, right-click on it to clone the graph and resize it for a better view.

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