Problem 13.9: Analyze a pendulum held at some angle in equilibrium

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A long pendulum is made of a pendulum bob of mass 10.0 kg attached to a lightweight cable. By pushing horizontally on the pendulum bob, you keep it in equilibrium. Note: The hand is not drawn to scale; it appears larger than its actual dimensions (position is given in meters). Restart.

  1. What is the force of your hand on the pendulum bob?
  2. What is the force of the cable on the pendulum bob (i.e., tension)?
  3. Suppose you wish to make it easier on yourself by applying the minimum force necessary to keep the pendulum bob in equilibrium, while maintaining its position as shown in the animation. In this case, what are the magnitude and direction of the minimum force of your hand on the pendulum bob, and what would then be the tension in the cable?

Problem authored by Aaron Titus.

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