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The Physics Teacher

The Physics Teacher is published by the American Association of Physics Teachers primarily with the audience of 6-12 teachers in mind. The long term editor, Cliff Schwarz, did not support PER as much as the present editor, Karl Mimola, does. The journal is published while US schools are in session - 10 times a year, with a hiatus during summer vacation.

Since the early 2000s, articles have been refereed, which has allowed tenure-track faculty to publish PER results there more regularly. Papers are generally short, and should be of interest to a broad population. The Physics Teacher is not thought of as an archival journal, but it reaches a large audience.

Seminal papers include both the publication of the FCI in 1992 and the "4-H" debate in 1996, in which results from the FCI were debated between Heller and Hollabaugh on the one hand, Hestenes and Halloun on the other.