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PER Conference Lists

PER Conferences

After the ICUPE of 1996, in College Park, a move was made to attach a conference to the AAPT national summer meetings. In Denver and Lincoln, these Physics Education Research Conferences preceded the AAPT meeting. In San Antonio and afterward, the PERC came after the AAPT meeting.

Each meeting has an associated theme, chosen by the organizers (listed in alphabetical order below in parentheses). The PERC was organized independently until 2001, when the AAPT began to help with logistical work such as registrations.

In 2001 and 2002, proceedings of the PERC were published privately, for all conference participants. These can now be found on PER-Central. In 2003, the conference Proceedings were first published as part of the American Institute of Physics conference proceedings.

  • PERC 1994, Raleigh (Bob Beichner)
  • PERC 1997, Denver (Joe Redish, Dean Zollman)
  • PERC 1998, Lincoln (Bob Fuller)
  • PERC 1999, San Antonio (David Hammer, Randal Harrington, Paula Heron, Apriel Hodari, Joe Redish)
  • PERC 2000, Guelph (Richard Steinberg, Robert Beichner, Constantinos Constantinou, David Hammer, Seth Rosenberg)
  • PERC 2001, Rochester (Karen Cummings, Scott Franklin, Jeff Marx)
  • PERC 2002, Boise (Dewey Dykstra)
  • PERC 2003, Madison (Michael Wittmann, Rachel Scherr)
  • PERC 2004, Sacramento (Sanjay Rebello)
  • PERC 2005, Salt Lake City (Kastro Hamed, Rebecca Lindell)
  • PERC 2006, Syracuse (Mike Loverude, Steve Kanim, Chandralekha Singh)
  • PERC 2007, Greensboro (Chandralekha Singh, Mike Loverude, Steve Kanim)
  • PERC 2008, Edmonton (Mel Sabella, John Thompson, Nicole Gillespie)
  • PERC 2009, Ann Arbor (Tetyana Antimirova, Nathaniel Lasry, Marina Milner-Bolotin)
  • PERC 2010, Portland (Andrew Boudreaux, Paula Heron, Peter Shaffer, MacKenzie Stetzer)
  • PERC 2011, Omaha (David T. Brookes, Brian Frank, Elizabeth Gire, Matty Lau, Noah Podolefsky)
  • PERC 2012, Philadelphia (Jessica Watkins, Chandra Turpen, Eleanor Sayre, Ayush Gupta)
For detailed information on these PER Conferences, see the PERC Compendium.

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