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Articles 4-7: Governance

Article IV - Organizing Council

1. Governance.
The Physics Education Research Leadership Organizing Council, PERLOC, shall have general charge of the affairs of the Topical Group.  

2. Composition.
The Organizing Council shall consist of the Officers of the Topical Group: six Members elected to staggered three-year terms.  The current AAPT Committee Chair of Research in Physics Education (RIPE) shall serve as ex-officio, voting member.

3. Organizing Council Meetings.
The Organizing Council shall meet at least once each year. Any member of the Organizing Council unable to attend a meeting may join via remote teleconference, videoconference, or other technology mediate mechanism that provides adequate communication with temporal synchronicity. The Chair of the Topical Group shall preside over the Organizing Council meetings. A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.

Article V - Officers

1. Officers.
The officers of the Topical Group shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Treasurer.

2. Duties of the Chair.
The Chair shall call all meetings of the Organizing Council and shall preside at all those meetings at which his or her attendance is possible. The Chair shall appoint any committees, other than the PERLOC, which are necessary to conduct the affairs of the Topical Group, and shall be an ex officio member of each such committee. If the Chair is unavailable for PERLOC meetings, the Vice Chair shall lead, and if neither of them is available the Treasurer shall lead meetings.  If none of the officers is available, PERLOC shall not meet.

3. Duties of the Vice-Chair.
The Vice-Chair shall act in place of the Chair-Elect if the latter is unable to perform his or her duties.

4. Duties of the Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall have responsibility for all funds in the custody, or placed at the disposal of the Topical Group, and shall make disbursements from such funds in a manner that is consistent with the general policies of AAPT. He or she shall present a financial report at each meeting of the PERLOC and at the annual Business Meeting of the Topical Group.

Article VI - Election and tenure of the officers, and organizing council members

1. Qualifications.
Officers, Members of the Organizing Council must be members of the AAPT Topical Group for at least two years prior to nomination.

2. Number of PERLOC members elected.
Each year two PERTG members will be elected to serve 3-year terms on PERLOC.  

3. Election of PERLOC members:
(The timeline described below is for the 2010 elections and thereafter.  The 2009 elections will follow the same process and cycle, but be shifted by approximately one month.)

Phase 1: Nominations for initial slate of candidates.  

All PERTG members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or someone else.  To make a nomination, nominations will be solicited by email.  Anyone nominated will have to confirm willingness to serve. The nomination process will end one month after the initial notification of elections. The nomination process will end the Friday of third week in September.

Phase 2: Selecting 8 finalists.  

All PERTG members may cast a vote for each nominee that they believe should be included on the final slate.  There is no limit to the number of nominees that a member may vote for.  The 8 nominees with the most votes will make up the final slate.  Phase 2 voting will be open for at least two weeks and will end on the Friday of the second week of October .  The 8 nominees with the most votes will make up the final slate.  Finalists will be notified by the following week and will be asked to submit a 1-paragraph statement of candidacy by the fourth Friday in October.

Phase 3: Electing 2 PERLOC Members.  

All PERTG members may cast a vote for up to two finalists.  Phase 3 voting will be open for at least two weeks and will end on the Second Friday of November. The two finalists with the most votes will be elected to 3-year terms on PERLOC.

All PERTG members will receive an email prior to phases 2 and 3 of the election process with detailed instructions

4. Selection of Officers:  
Each year, the month following the election of new members of PERLOC, PERLOC members shall elect a Chair, Vice-chair, and Treasures. The vote, which may be conducted electronically, will be overseen by the ex-officio chair of RIPE and be simple nomination (including self-nomination) and single vote ballot.  A majority of PERLOC members will be sufficient to elect the Chair, Vice-chair, and Treasurer.

5. Official Year.
The official year of the Topical Group shall extend from the close of the AAPT Winter meeting at which terms of new officers begin, to the close of the next such meeting.  

6. Vacancies in Offices.
If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall succeed and complete the term and shall serve as the Chair also in the following year.
Vacancies in any other elected office shall be filled (or left unfilled) by the PERLOC until such time as the vacancy can be filled by regular election procedures.

Article VIII - Appointed Committees

1. Ad Hoc Committees.
The Chair shall appoint other ad hoc committees of PERLOC as necessary, which shall serve only during his or her term as Chair.

2. Standing Committees.  
As approved by a majority of PERLOC members, the chair may establish standing sub-committees to address issues and conduct business on behalf of PERLOC.  These committees will be reviewed and reapproved annually by the Chair and Vice-Chair.

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