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PERC 2018 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2018 PER Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the list.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Mapping the STEM Pipeline for successful underrepresented students in a high-needs school district Michele W. McColgan Symposium Poster
  Natures of Negativity in Introductory Physics Suzanne White Brahmia Symposium Poster
  Recognizing and Promoting Mathematical Cause-and-Effect Reasoning: An example of responsive teaching in a peer instruction-style lecture Andrew Elby Symposium Poster
  Student reasoning about whether a solution is "sensible" Gary D. White Symposium Poster
  How Plug and Chug Interferes with Symbolic Problem Solving Eugene Torigoe Symposium Poster
  Learner Resources for Thinking about Free Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Benjamin Geller Symposium Poster
  Student cognitive resources for understanding pressure in fluids Daniel E. Young Symposium Poster
  Using inconsistencies in survey question responses to identify resources Michael C. Wittmann Symposium Poster
  University Student Conceptual Resources for Understanding Energy Hannah Sabo Symposium Poster
  High School Students’ Representations and Understandings of Electric Fields Ying Cao Symposium Poster
  Polaris: A Grad-Undergrad Mentorship Program Mike A. Lopez Symposium Poster
  The Access Network: Bringing together student leaders to support equity programs Gina M. Quan Symposium Poster
  Illinois GPS: A platform for student-led initiatives Brianne Gutmann Symposium Poster
  CU Prime Diversity Workshop Model: Training Student Leaders around Issues of Equity Simone Hyater-Adams Symposium Poster
  Adaptation of Peer Mentoring Programs to Better Serve Students Megan Marshall Symposium Poster
  In-Situ Video Collection As a Tool For Investigation in Informal Physics Programs Brett Fiedler Symposium Poster
  Identity in STEAM: Building physics identities through performance Simone Hyater-Adams Symposium Poster
  Assessing interest, self-efficacy, and relevance in an afterschool Making program Ed Price Symposium Poster
  Understanding graduate school selection process in prospective students' perspectives Deepa Chari Symposium Talk
  TBA Sara Mueller Symposium Talk
  TBA Christopher Porter Symposium Talk
  Improving the Content and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Physics Graduate Students Using Physics Education Research Emily Marshman Symposium Talk
  Helping graduate students become physicists: Core courses and beyond Alexandru Maries Symposium Talk
  "I just don't trust myself" to "there are so many ways [I] can go about it": Case studies of students coming to value their own ideas Anna McLean Phillips Symposium Talk
  Examining how classroom communities transform a student’s uncertainty to engage in scientific sense-making Jessica Watkins Symposium Talk
  Is there room for wonderful student ideas within the canon of introductory physics? Brian Frank Symposium Talk
  Community and Career Contexts as Spaces to Build and Apply Students’ Wonderful Ideas Anne E. Leak Symposium Talk
  Vexing Questions that Sustain Sensemaking Tor Ole Odden Symposium Talk
  Sensemaking as exploiting affordances in the problem space Eric Kuo Symposium Talk
  Nurturing sensemaking of, through, and with a mathematical model Shulamit Kapon Symposium Talk
  Helping physics majors evaluate their own answers to physics problems Elizabeth Gire Symposium Talk
  Co-creating Inclusion in Physics: Applying the Athena SWAN and Race Charter Criteria Apriel K. Hodari Symposium Talk
  Educating Women of Color in Physics: Identifying and Learning from Institutions that Graduate the Highest Rates and Numbers and Outperform Their Peers Elizabeth Mulvey Symposium Talk
  What Successful Institutions are Doing to Support Women Physics Students of Color: Qualitative Findings Angela Johnson Symposium Talk
  Supporting Undergraduate Physics Students who are the Guardians of a Minor Rose Young Symposium Talk
  LGBT+ in Physics: The Transgender Experience Vanessa Webb Symposium Talk
  PEER: Professional Development Experiences for Education Researchers Scott Franklin Symposium Talk
  PhyPort Data Explorer: Online tools to help researchers with quantitative research around assessment Eleanor Sayre Symposium Talk
  PER Consultants Directory and consulting as a career path Stephanie Chasteen Symposium Talk
  NSF DUE Resources for Physics Education Research Myles Boylans Symposium Talk