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Abstract Title: "I have a good idea!": Insights from video analysis that count even if they cannot be counted
Abstract: Instructors often use engineering design projects to provide students with opportunities to make sense of physics concepts, but do students take them up in this way? I will report on research that approached this question via two contrasting methods: a code-oriented approach based on a classroom observation protocol as well as an insight-oriented approach based on video analysis (Scherr, 2009). The code-oriented approach revealed a rare moment of scientific sense-making during a 6th-grade pneumatics project in which a vocal male student reported having a "good idea." The insight-oriented approach of this good idea revealed that the idea was not Roger's alone – a quieter female student had made a subtle yet substantive contribution that went uncounted. This case illustrates how code-oriented approaches can complement insight-oriented video analysis, while highlighting how some insights can emerge more readily from video data than code counting, with implications for equity in engineering and science classrooms.
Abstract Type: Symposium Talk
Parallel Session: Methodologies for Video-Based Research in PER

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Luke Conlin
Stanford University