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Abstract Title: Fostering Transfer through Intercontextuality
Abstract: Engle et al. (2006, 2012) proposed that transfer is fostered in classrooms that expansively frame students' activity: situating students' work in a broader context that transcends the moment-to-moment activity in the classroom. Such expansive framing, it is argued, promotes intercontextuality (IC) which "fosters transfer between the linked learning and transfer contexts." This poster builds on this vein of research. In particular, we examine what kinds of intercontextuality exist in a science class (Atkins & Salter, 2015) that exhibits high measures on one survey of transfer (Pugh, 2011). We argue that IC in which students link the scientific substance of classroom activity with their "everyday" lives may be particularly rich for fostering TE in particular, and transfer more generally.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

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Primary Contact: Leslie Atkins Elliott
Boise State University

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