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Abstract Title: Pretest and Gain in Assorted Concept Inventories
Abstract: We report on the results of a preliminary study into the correlation between pretest scores and normalized (relative) gain on concept inventories across a number of disciplines.  The issue of these correlations with respect to the "Force Concept Inventory" has been addressed in the past. It was originally thought not be an issue but further analysis determined the correlation exists and is significant (Coletta 2005).  The correlation seen in the FCI also exists in the "Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation" but is not seen in other concept inventory pretest versus normalized gain results.  We conclude when using FCI or FMCE normalized gain as an evaluation tool the distribution of pretest scores must be taken into account.  It appears that concept inventories in mechanics are different from others but further study is required confirm this and determine why it's so.
V.P. Coletta and J.A. Philips, Am, J. Phys. 73, 1172-1182 (2005)
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Lieberman
Queensborough Community College
222-05 56th Ave
Bayside, NY 11364-1497
Phone: 718 631-6324