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Abstract Title: Analysing discourse and identity in physics education: Methodological considerations
Abstract: Physics education research has for a long time primarily been concerned with helping students to learn physics and to "think like a physicist". The results I present here contribute to the emerging subfield where students' identity development is analyzed to explore processes of "becoming a physicist" in a wider sense. Drawing on sociocultural theories and methodologies, and specifically analyzing identity and discourse, I focus on what happens when students with different outlooks on physics encounter advanced physics courses. A discourse analytical framework allows me and my colleagues to inquire into the messages about "who one should be as a physicist", communicated to students during courses. This enables a discussion of what physicist identities are made available to physics students. I argue that focusing on these social aspects of physics learning contributes to a better and more inclusive physics education that may also attract a more diverse student body.
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Anders Johansson
Department of Physics and Astronomy & Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University
Box 516
Uppsala, 75120

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