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PERC 2013 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2013 PER Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the list.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Paradigms in Physics Education Research Amy D. Robertson Symposium Poster
  Learning Assistants' Development of Physics (Teacher) Identity Eleanor Close Symposium Poster
  The Development and Measurement of Identity across the Physical Sciences Geoff Potvin Symposium Poster
  Multiple pathways to the development of a physics identity Paul Irving Symposium Poster
  Students navigation between multiple physics identities Sissi L. Li Symposium Poster
  Fragmented divergence - Trends in PER topic selection Lyle Barbato Symposium Poster
  Who we study, who we teach Stephen Kanim Symposium Poster
  Who are we? A network analysis of PER Eleanor C. Sayre Symposium Poster
  Exploring the affective domain in teaching intermediate mechanics: Benefits and challenges arising from a tutorial approach Bradley S. Ambrose Symposium Poster
  Transforming upper-division E&M: Approaches, assessments and outcomes Steven Pollock Symposium Poster
  Improving students' understanding of quantum mechanics Chandralekha Singh Symposium Poster
  Research and curriculum development in upper-division thermal physics Michael Loverude Symposium Poster
  Tangible Metaphors Corinne Manogue Symposium Poster
  Problem Solving and Motivation – Getting our Students in Flow N. Sanjay Rebello Symposium Poster
  Using categorization task to improve expertise in introductory physics Andrew Mason Symposium Poster
  Teaching problem categorization using computer-based feedback Jennifer Docktor Symposium Poster
  The role of representations in research-based instructional practice in physics David E. Meltzer Symposium Poster
  Challenges in developing effective scaffolding supports to help introductory students learn physics Alex Maries Symposium Poster
  Effects of Flexibility on Homework Completion and Student Performance Alisa Grimes Symposium Talk
  Capitalizing on digital natives’ technological skills Angela Cannava Symposium Talk
  Boundary Objects that Mediate Student Physics Motivation Ben Van Dusen Symposium Talk
  Interactive Computer Simulations: Do they impact the learning process? Ximena C. Cid Symposium Talk
  Probing impact of spatial reasoning skills on conceptual understanding of physics Mila Kryjevskaia Symposium Talk
  Study on the Correlation Between High School Student Mental Rotation Test (MRT) Scores and State Assessment Scores and Grades in STEM Classes Alfonso Hinojosa Symposium Talk
  Using Real-Time Data Display to Improve Conceptual Understanding and Spatial Visualization Ability Ronald Thornton Symposium Talk
  Improving Student Success through Spatial Skills Intervention Sheryl Sorby Symposium Talk
  Changing the Locus of Evaluation to Promote Scientific Induction Michael J. Ross Symposium Talk
  Supporting engagement and confidence of ELLs through physics Enrique Suarez Symposium Talk