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PERC 2012 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2012 PER Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here..

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Identifying Student Difficulties with Conflicting Ideas in Statistical Mechanics Trevor I. Smith Symposium Poster
  Conserving energy in physics and society: Creating an integrated model of energy and the second law of thermodynamics Abigail Daane Symposium Poster
  Learning assistants in University Physics: Initial replication results and effect on underrepresented populations Paul M. Miller Symposium Poster
  An Expert Path Through a Thermo Maze Mary Bridget Kustusch Symposium Poster
  A Framework for Assessing Learning Assistants’ Reflective Writing Assignments Geraldine L. Cochran Symposium Poster
  Teaching to Learn: Exploring the Experiences of First-Time Learning Assistants Kara E. Gray Symposium Poster
  Understanding the Learning Assistant experience with Physics Identity Eleanor Close Symposium Poster
  Impact of the Learning Assistant model on DFW rates in Introductory Physics Courses George Ortiz Symposium Poster
  They still remember what I never taught them Michael Loverude Symposium Poster
  Instructional Changes Based on Cogenerative Physics Reform Natan Samuels Symposium Poster
  Cultural Toolkits in the Urban Physics Learning Community Mel Sabella Symposium Poster
  Building Classroom and Organizational Structure Around Positive Cultural Values Joel Corbo Symposium Poster
  Critical Classroom Structures for Empowering Students to Participate in Science Shelly Belleau Symposium Poster
  Implicit Scaffolding: Blending Vygotsky with Human Computer Interaction Noah Podolefsky Symposium Poster
  Six Degrees: Social Network Analysis in PER Eric Brewe Symposium Poster
  Promoting proximal formative assessment with relational discourse Rachel Scherr Symposium Poster
  Using Activity Theory to Understand Technology in the Classroom Edward Price Symposium Poster
  Modeling Middle Student Learning with Cognitive Developmental Psychology Nicole Hallinen Symposium Poster
  A web-based take-home FCI? Lin Ding Symposium Poster
  Expanding access to assessing conceptual understanding: ciHUB.org, a virtual community supporting conceptual learning P.K. Imbrie Symposium Poster
  Cross-Concept Inventory Research Starting with the Force Concept Inventory Teri Reed-Rhoads Symposium Poster
  Establishing Reliability and Validity: an Ongoing Process Rebecca Lindell Symposium Poster
  Obscuring power structures in the physics classroom: Implications for student engagement and physics identity development Zahra Hazari Symposium Poster
  Measuring the impact an instructor's words has on student engagement and responses Dedra Demaree Symposium Poster
  Welcome to America, Welcome to College: Comparing the effects of immigrant generation and college generation on physical science career intentions Florin Lung Symposium Poster
  Cookies as agents for community membership Idaykis Rodriguez Symposium Poster
  Identities in identity research in science education: What should we study? Minjung Ryu Symposium Poster
  Identifying community structure in multiple networks: Academic and social aspects of learning behaviour Jesper Bruun Symposium Poster
  Identity and belonging: Are you a physicist (chemist)? Sissi L. Li Symposium Poster
  When Former LAs Teach the LA Pedagogy Course: An insider's perspective Ian Her Many Horses Symposium Poster
  Constructing conceptual meaning from a popular scientific article – The case of E=mc2 Shulamit Kapon Symposium Talk
  Using scientists' notebooks to foster authentic scientific practices Leslie J. Atkins Symposium Talk
  Reading computational code to inform predictions of time-varying computational models Shawn Weatherford Symposium Talk
  Students' comprehension of a research article adapted for an interdisciplinary high school program Elon Langbeheim Symposium Talk
  Identity and Belonging: Experiences of a Black Woman Physicist Katemari Rosa Symposium Talk
  Authoring Identity Amidst the Treacherous Terrain of Physics: A Multiracial Feminist Examination of the Journeys of Women of Color Angela Johnson Symposium Talk
  Narratives of the Double Bind: Intersectionality in Life Stories of Women of Color in Physics, Astrophysics and Astronomy Lily Ko Symposium Talk
  Dispatches from the Front Lines: Evidenced Takeaways for Politics and Policy Rachel Kachchaf Symposium Talk