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Abstract Title: Learning about anthropogenic climate change
Abstract: Many nonscientists (as well as a very few real scientists) do not think that climate change could be caused by human actions. Reasons range from doubt that tiny humans could affect an entire planet to belief that human life on Earth will soon end. Science is about experimental data, reasoning from those data, and theoretical perspectives supported by the data. Svante Arrhenius provided (in 1896) the first theoretical (and compelling) reasons that carbon dioxide could influence Earth's energy budget. Multiple sources of modern data underlie the belief of virtually all climate scientists that humans are changing the climate. The evidence is based on temperature measurements, satellite observations, ice-core sampling, statistical analyses, sea level measurements, observations of plant and animal behavior, and other sorts of measurements. This leads to the question of how best to inform students and fellow citizens about how to respond to these data.
Footnote: "Helping scientists communicate to people," Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Am. J. Phys. 79, 437-439 (2011).
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Primary Contact: Gordon J. Aubrecht, II
Ohio State University
1465 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Marion, OH 43302
Phone: 7407256250
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