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Welcome to PER-Central, a resource collection for physics education researchers. Here you may find articles, theses and dissertations, research groups, curricular material, and news and events of interest to the PER Community. Learn more about PER-Central.


Respectful PER Reviews

This document, prepared by journal editors and PER community members, grew out of conversations that brought attention to the negative impact particular reviews have had on community members. These conversations precipitated a survey inviting community members to share their experiences of the PER journal review process. This 2-page survey summary issues recommendations on the basis of our interpretations. We focus on respectful reviewing and do not comprehensively address reviewing practices writ large.

PER Programs

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For the Classroom

Connecting Meaning and Mathematics

Connecting Meaning and Mathematics
This page contains step-by-step tutorials and guided inquiry activities designed to help students discover physical properties and concepts by developing understanding from mathematics. Most of this material is written for upper level classical mechanics courses. Connections are made with the Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials by Ambrose and Wittmann.

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Research Instruments

Assessment Instrument Information

Assessment Instrument Information
This web page, maintained by Bob Beichner, contains an extensive list of science assessment instruments and affective/attitudinal surveys. Information about the assessments, their development, their use, and results is included. This web page also provides instructions for accessing the assessments and ways to help preserve the integrity of the instruments.

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FFPER: Puget Sound 2020
The fifth FFPERPS (Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research: Puget Sound) conference will be held June 18-21, 2020 at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center.

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