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W. Christian and R. Hanson
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Publication Date: August 10, 2020
It was believed that the entire enterprise that had grown around embedding Java simulations in web pages had come to an end when the Java applet plugin was removed from browsers in…
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R. Hanson
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Last update when cataloged: February 5, 2020
The OSP project has partnered with developers at St. Olaf College to convert OSP Java programs (applets and applications) to JavaScript using the java2script/SwingJS framework…
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Editor: W. Christian
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Last update when cataloged: November 10, 2008
A description of how to build Java Web Start applications using the OSP library. Integrates the OpenSourcePhysics .jar library files and the Python classes generated by Jython during…
OSP 3D Eclipse Workspace  [ Computer Program ]
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C. Jara, F. Esquembre, and W. Christian
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Publication Date: May 6, 2008
The OSP 3D Eclipse Workspace contains the source code and examples for the Simple 3D and Java 3D implementations of OSP 3D API. The Simple 3D implementation uses only the standard…

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