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Tracker Eclipse Workspace  [ Computer Program ]
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D. Brown
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Developers can use the step-by-step instructions in this document to create an Eclipse Workspace with source code for the Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool. The source code is…
Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool  [ Computer Program ]
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D. Brown, R. Hanson, and W. Christian
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The Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool allows students to model and analyze the motion of objects in videos. Objects can be tracked manually with the mouse or automatically…
Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling JS  [ Computer Program ]
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D. Brown, W. Christian, and R. Hanson
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The JavaScript implementation of the Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool is now available for beta testing. This online program runs within a web browser that supports HTML5 +…
Tracker/Excel/Python/Tracker Data Analysis  [ Computer Program ]
Match Score:
G. Judd
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An example of using Python to analyze raw position data from a Tracker point mass and return smoothed values that are imported back into Tracker as an external model track. This…
Trouble-shooting Tracker  [ Report ]
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In attached 0.51Mb .pdf main document:
Trouble-shooting Tracker
D. Brown
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This Tracker document shows how to diagnose and fix Tracker problems, or if necessary, how to document and report a bug. Be sure to first upgrade to the latest version of Tracker…
The Physics Teacher
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In attached 0.55Mb .pdf main document:
Teaching Astronomy Using Tracker
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M. Belloni, W. Christian, and D. Brown, Phys. Teach., 51 (3), 149-151 (2013).
The paper Teaching Astronomy Using Tracker describes two new video analysis experiments for the teaching of astronomy made possible by Tracker, a free, open-source video analysis…
Sliding Chain Tracker Experiment  [ Computer Program ]
Match Score:
J. Cislo
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This Tracker video analysis experiment explores a chain sliding off a table. It was submitted by a Krakow, Poland, high school student. A trz file is a zip file that contains the…
Double Pendulum Tracker Experiment  [ Computer Program ]
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A. Morawa and K. Strama
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This Tracker experiment shows a double pendulum made of two wooden boards with different lengths. The Tracker analysis uses a moving coordinate system to measure the angle between…
Tracker Compression Bending Experiment  [ Computer Program ]
Match Score:
A. Peteinarelis
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This Tracker video analysis experiment collects data generated during axial compression bending tests conducted with an experimental test device, developed for the authors Msc thesis…
Physics Education
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J. Kinchin, Phys. Educ., 47 (1), 15-17.
Tracker was used to analyze three points at different radii on a rotating turntable. Directions and magnitudes of the velocity and acceleration vectors were plainly visible to…
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Results #1-#10 of 100+

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