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Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research
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G. Martínez, F. Naranjo, Á. Pérez, M. Suero, and P. Pardo, Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ. Res., 7 (2), 020111 (2011).
This study compared the educational effects of computer simulations developed in a hyper-realistic virtual environment with the educational effects of either traditional schematic…
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S. McKagan; Publisher: American Association of Physics Teachers
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PhysPort supports physics faculty in implementing research-based teaching practices in their classrooms, by providing expert recommendations about teaching methods, assessment, and…
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G. Zhu
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This thesis uses a number of Open Source Physics simulations to explore issues related to students’ common difficulties in learning upper-level undergraduate quantum mechanics and…
Journal of Science Education and Technology
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K. Lee, G. Nicoll, and D. Brooks, J. Sci. Educ. Tech., 13 (1), 81-88 (2004).
This paper compares two protocols for web-based instruction using Physlet simulations in an introductory physics class. The Inquiry protocol allowed students to control input…

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