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K. Papamichalis
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The Osmosis in 2D Gas JavaScript Model shows a hard disk gas in a container with a semi-permeable barrier in which N particles are moving. The particles are discriminated into two…
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A. Cox, W. Christian, and M. Belloni
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The Physlet® Physics Heat and Temperature Illustrations Package contains JavaScript adaptations of Illustrations from Physlet Physics Chapter 19. In this package we study of the…
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W. Christian and M. Belloni
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The Physlet Physics Section 4: Thermodynamics provides a technology-enhanced introduction to topics in introductory thermal physics. Interactive javascript simulations are used to…
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A. Cox and F. Esquembre
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The EJS Measurement with Phidgets: Solar Collector interfaces Phidget transducers that are part of a solar collector project. The package uses a servo motor with a Phidget 1066 Motor…
American Journal of Physics
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J. Tobochnik, H. Gould, and J. Machta, Am. J. Phys., 73 (8), 708-716 (2005).
This paper discusses several Monte Carlo algorithms and applications that are useful for understanding the concepts of temperature and chemical potential. We then introduce a…

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