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Spins Package  [ Computer Program ]
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M. Belloni and W. Christian
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The Spins package is a self-contained file for the teaching of measurement and time evolution of spin-1/2 systems in quantum mechanics. The file contains ready-to-run OSP programs…
Computing in Science and Engineering
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M. Belloni, W. Christian, and D. Brown, Comp. Sci. Eng., 9 (4), 24-31 (2007).
The Open Source Physics Curricular Material paper describes the interactive curricular material created as part of the Open Source Physics project for the teaching and learning of…
Quantum Magnetism Analysis Model  [ Computer Program ]
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L. Engelhardt, C. Garland, C. Rainey, and A. Freeman
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The Quantum Magnetism Analysis Model was created to help students as well as researchers who are studying magnetism. It provides a very simple interface for defining (theoretical)…
Tool for Magnetic Analysis Package  [ Computer Program ]
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L. Engelhardt and C. Rainey
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The FIT-MART Launcher package is a self-contained file for simulating systems of interacting quantum magnetic moments (“spins”). The interactions are modeled using the Heisenberg…

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