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The Evolution of the OSP ComPADRE Collection  [ Conference Proceedings ]
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M. Belloni, W. Christian, A. Cox, and T. Timberlake
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M. Belloni, W. Christian, A. Cox, and T. Timberlake, Winter Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers, 17 (2011).
Over the past six years, the Open Source Physics (OSP) project has produced a collection of over 400 interactive computer-based curricular materials for the teaching of advanced…
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Editor: A. Duffy; Publisher: Boston University Physics Department
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This web page features a collection of Easy Java Simulations developed by secondary teachers for use in introductory high school physics courses. Topics include astronomy, momentum…
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R. Allain
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The Falcon 9 booster attempts to land on a barge after launching a rocket. Here is a Tracker video analysis experiment archive of a failed attempt. Load this file into Tracker to…
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M. Belloni
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M. Belloni, Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers, 30 (2009).
In recent years, physics education research has documented that students who are in active learning environments learn more than students in more passive learning environments. With…

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