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Rotation Measurement PWA  [ Computer Program ]
Match Score:
W. Christian
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The Rotation Measurement PWA uses the gyroscope sensor in a cellphone or other mobile device to measure motion. The app displays and records the vector rotation components. To record…
Tea Cups Ride JS Model  [ Computer Program ]
Match Score:
F. Esquembre, V. Abellán, R. Pérez, and J. Rodríguez
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The Tea Cups Ride JS Model shows the motion on an amusement park ride. The 200 kg cups and the 80 kg riders are free to rotate around their center of the cup. The ride platform and…
Synkope amusement park ride  [ Computer Program ]
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F. Esquembre, D. Medina, I. Muñoz, C. López, and C. Meca
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This EjsS Javascript 3D model simulates a ride in a Synkope attraction, located at Terra Mitica, Benidorm, Spain. People seat on the base cylinder, which is then balanced (pretty…
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R. Allain
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This blog post includes a Tracker video analysis of a Star Wars VII trailer scene showing a rolling droid. The goal is to estimate the droid's rotational and linear speeds. A…
Ball on a Moving Ring JS Model  [ Computer Program ]
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W. Christian
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The Ball on a Moving Ring mobile JavaScript Model illustrates the forces and dynamics of a ball rolling to a circular track. This simulation uses the accelerometer on your mobile…

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