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November 2011

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Exoplanets, Space Exploration, Astronomy Education, Instrumentation, Fundamentals, Historical Astronomy, The Sun, Solar System, Stars, Milky Way, Galaxies, Cosmic Time and Distance

Education Foundations


Electricity & Magnetism

General, Electrostatics, Electric Fields and Potential, Capacitance, DC Circuits, Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Fields and Forces, Inductance, Electromagnetic Induction, Electromagnetic Radiation, AC Circuits

General Physics

General, Equipment, Collections, Curriculum, History, Measurement/Units, Computational Physics

Modern Physics

General, Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter, Chaos & Non-linear Dynamics, Biophysics, Medical Physics

Oscillations & Waves

General, Oscillations, Wave Motion, Acoustics, Instruments, Sound Reproduction, Resonance

Quantum Physics

General, Probability, Waves, and Interference, Bound State Systems, Scattering and Unbound Systems, Spin and Finite Dimensional Systems, Approximation Techniques, Entanglement and Quantum Information, Foundations and Measurements, Quantum Experiments

Thermo & Stat Mech

General, Thermal Properties of Matter, First Law, Phase Transitions, Kinetic and Diffusive Processes, Statistical Physics, Second and Third Law, Probability, Ensembles, Models

  Classical Mechanics

General, Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimensions, Relative Motion, Newton's First Law, Newton's Second Law, Newton's Third Law, Statics of Rigid Bodies, Applications of Newton's Laws, Gravity, Work and Energy, Linear Momentum, Rotational Dynamics

Education Practices

Active Learning, Curriculum Development, Instructional Material Design, Pedagogy, Technology

Fluid Mechanics

General, Statics of Fluids, Dynamics of Fluids

Mathematical Tools

Algebra, Trig and Pre-cal, Calculus, Complex Variables, Vector Algebra, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and Tensors, Series and Functions, Numerical Analysis, Probability, Non-linear Equations, Statistics, Problem-Solving Techniques


General, Geometrical Optics, Photometry, Diffraction, Interference, Color, Polarization

Other Sciences

Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Meteorology, Life Sciences


Galilean Relativity, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Spacetime Fundamentals, Reference Frames

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