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EJS Modeling

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Modeling Reference

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Ejs packages a model's narrative description together with the computer simulation in a single jar file in order to provide a more complete modeling cycle.

  • Arnold B. Arons and Robert Karplus, "Implications of accumulating data on levels of intellectual development," Am. J. Phys. 44, 396 (1976)
  • Wolfgang Christian and Francisco Esquembre, "Modeling Physics with Easy Java Simulations", Phys. Teacher 45, 475 (2007)
  • Francisco Esquembre, Creación de Simulaciones Interactivas en Java, (Prentice Hall, Madrid, 2005).
    The Ejs program, documentation (English and Spanish), and examples can be downloaded from the Ejs website.
  • Robert Fuller (ed), A Love of Discovery: Science Education-- The Second Career of Robert Karplus, provides a collection of papers showing the development and implementation of the Modeling Cycle.
  • Robert Karplus, "Robert Karplus – A Portrait" from Introductory Physics: A Model Approach, 2nd ed., edited by Fernand Brunschwig , published by Captains Engineering Services Inc. (2003)
  • David Hestenes, "Toward a modeling theory of physics instruction," Am. J. Phys. 55, 440 (1987). Arizona State University hosts an extensive collection resources for the Modeling Instruction Program.
  • Di Sessa, Changing minds, (MIT Press, 2000). Di Sessa defines computer-literacy as the ability to be able not only to read from a computer, i.e. use Web browsers, spreadsheets, and/or text processors, but also the ability to write to a computer, i.e., to program it. He claims that every person with higher education, particularly in science, should learn to program (although this may have different interpretations) a computer.
  • M. Wells, D. Hestenes and G. Swackhamer, "A Modeling Method for High School Physics Instruction," Am. J. Phys. 63, 606-619 (1995).

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