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EJS Modeling

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Courses in simulation and computation have become widespread in physics and are increasing in the other sciences. In addition, many traditional science courses now have computational components, as more and more faculty become convinced of the importance for every science graduate to be 'computer-literate'. An area of particular interest in this respect is that of computer modeling. Learning science is learning to develop, test, and apply models to explain or predict natural phenomena. This process can be greatly facilitated by the use of computer models. But writing programs is a labor intensive task for both students and faculty, and many shy away from computer modeling with traditional programming tools. Modeling with Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) addresses both issues.

The premise of Ejs Modeling is that when students are not actively involved in modeling they lose out on much of what can be learned from computer simulations. We make a distinction between modeling and programming. Modeling is closer to laboratory experiments and is more likely to provide the student with a novel perspective on the behavior of a system. Modeling has been shown to correct weaknesses of traditional instruction by engaging students in the design of physical models to describe, explain, and predict phenomena. Although the modeling method can be used without computers, the use of computers allows students to study problems that are difficult and time consuming, to visualize their results, and to communicate their results with others. The combination of computer modeling with theory and experiment can achieve insight and understanding that cannot be achieved with only one approach.

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