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November 2011

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Monte Carlo estimation of the area under a curve

Monte Carlo estimation of the area under a curve

Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Project

The Statistical and Thermal Physics curriculum development project illustrates some of the fundamental concepts in statistical mechanics. They can be used as standalone programs, or in conjunction with a text or in conjunction with the online notes by Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik. The programs were developed by Kipton Barros, Joshua Gould, Harvey Gould, Natali Gulbahce, Peter Sibley, Jan Tobochnik, and most recently by Hui Wang and Ranjit Chacko.

Simulation of a harmonic oscillator

Quantum carpet simulation of a wave packet in a harmonic oscillator

OSP Quantum Mechanics

The Open Source Physics Quantum Mechanics project provides simulations of the physics commonly studied in introductory, intermediate, and advanced quantum mechanics courses. The material stresses time evolution and measurement of bound-state and spin-1/2 systems. The simulations were written by Wolfgang Christian and the curricular materials and curricular packages written by Mario Belloni.

The OSP Network:
Open Source Physics - Tracker - EJS Modeling
Physlet Physics
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