Graphs and Tracks


The Graphs and Tracks program allows instructors to create custom models of a ball rolling on a track with a variable shape. This EJS model was inspired by the Graphs and Tracks program by David Trowbridge. Instructors set the heights of the track segments and the model displays the motion of the ball. Optional displays, including position and velocity graphs, energy graphs, and data tables, can be added depending on the learning goals for the activity. Documents can be added to the model to provide student instructions or activities. Note that the JavaScript version of this programs does not yet allow the customized configuration to be saved.


The Graphs and Tracks Java model was developed by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni using the Easy Java Simulations (EJS) modeling and authoring tool created by Francisco Esquembere in Murcia, Spain. It was later converted from Java to JavaScript by Wolfgang Christian and Robert Hanson using the SwingJS system developed by Hanson and his students at St. Olaf College.

Updated 10 August 2020.