Data Tool (Version 6.0.4)


Data Tool is a simple data analysis program that is often integrated into Open Source Physics (OSP) programs, such as the Tracker video analysis and modeling program. It can also be used as a standalone program and this web page demonstrates that capability.

Note that users can reposition the main Tracker window by dragging the title bar and that the window can be resized by dragging the lower right hand corner.

Dataset File Formats

JavaScript Data Tool supports the following dataset formats:

Click on the links below to test the analysis and display capabilities of Data Tool.

Users can download xml files or CVS datasets to the desktop and then use the File options in the main menu to open or import them into Data Tool.

  1. FirstPlotData.txt
  2. FirstPlotData.xml
Another way to load files into Data Tool is to drag and drop them from the desktop onto the Data Tool window.

The Java implementation of the Data Tool program was written by Doug Brown at Cabrillo College using portions of the Open Source Physics code library developed by Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College. Data Tool was later converted from Java to JavaScript by Doug Brown, Wolfgang Christian and Robert Hanson using the SwingJS system developed by Hanson and his students at St. Olaf College. This web page runs the JavaScript conversion.