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Sound: An Interactive eBook  (1 resource, 4 subfolders)
This book consists of 33 interactive simulations which require the reader to click buttons, move sliders, etc. in order to answer questions about the behavior of waves and sound in particular. There are also dozens of links to YouTube videos and other online resources that pertain to the topics being covered as well as suggestions for laboratory exercises and sound clips for understanding the fascinating subject of sound and music. The goal was to create an engaging text that integrates the strengths of printed, static textbooks and the interactive dynamics possible with simulations to engage the student in actively learning the physics of sound.
Introduction to Sound
The physics of sound lends itself particularly well to examples, demonstrations and student participation in experiments. There are thousands of YouTube videos of interesting sound phenomena and dozens of simulations related to the physics of sound and music. This book was created from trying to provide access to these resources in a single source, first from a web page, then as interactive simulations on web pages and finally as this interactive textbook.

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